Done for you date nights designed for kick arse couples who wish to keep their already awesome relationship full of fun, connection and epic sex.

We all know that in order to keep an intimate relationship not just alive, but thriving, we need to invest in it!

Which is why we have made it easier than ever to experience awesome, at home, intimate date nights designed to bring you both closer in a playful, sexy and enjoyable way.

#Fact Couples who constantly explore new ways to increase pleasure are 5 times more likely to be happier in their relationship and 12 times more likely to be sexually satisfied!

Combining scientific research plus sacred sexuality practices (for the modern couple, of course!) each date night has been carefully created to provide an exciting, unique and sensual mind, body and spirit experience.

And the best part is…

Everything is done for you. All YOU need to do it select your date, set up a sexy space (you don’t even need to leave your lounge room!), watch the videos and then when you’re ready to begin your date hit play on the audio.

It couldn’t be simpler…or sexier!

Oh and did we mention it costs less than a dinner out?!

Here’s how it works



There are currently three dates to choose. Each date has its own specific theme and focus.



Before kick off, check out your pre-date preparation pack. It contains a love lesson on the theme of the date, an overview of what to expect and any further instructions you’ll need for specific practices.



All set up and ready to rock? Hit play on the audio and you’ll be guided through the whole thing via music and gentle prompts.


An additional pillow talk exercise will be available for dessert, or for later in the week, to keep the yumminess strong!


Whilst each date night consists of deliciously sensual practices (involving your body parts), our Deeper Dates are about exploring powerful practices that cultivate connection, pleasure and intimacy WITHOUT penetrative sex.

Kinda like foreplay, only better!

However, should you find yourselves racing for the bedroom after the date ends (which is pretty bloody likely) we refuse to be held accountable for any mind-altering, neighbour annoying, bed breaking, bliss bombs that go off, ok? Great!

So why a Deeper Date?

We all know how easy it is to get a little lazy in the romance department, or get stuck in the same old date night routine (dinner and movie anyone?). A Deeper Date is the opportunity to do something different. The chance to spend time together in a way that truly reconnects you, ignites desire and builds a deeper love. Plus, you don’t have to plan a thing. All you gotta do is show up and be open to the magic that will unfold!


Desire dies with habit and repetition. Do something different!


Which date should I start with?

We recommend starting with Connect first, then Desire and then Receive.

How long do we have to do the date + how is it delivered?

As soon as you make your purchase, you have lifetime access to the content. You can do the same date as many times as you like. You’ll receive your password  to a dedicated website. Everything you need will be delivered via video, audio and PDF downloads. There is no nudity or crass material in any of the content.

We already know how to have sex!

Of course you do! Which is why Deeper Dates isn’t about sex. Think of a Deeper Date night like the ultimate foreplay to epic sex. Who knows? You may even learn something new about yourself or your partner along the way. Win!

Can I purchase all three dates at once?

Yes you can. These date nights are so epic, you’ll want to do them all. Why not buy them all at once and save a buck in the process!?

Can you explain more about the audio guidance?

It’s less guidance and more soundtrack. Think of it as epic mood-enhancing music, punctuated with a small amount of prompts, for you to begin a certain practice or discuss a certain topic. We have kept the instructional element as minimal as possible. You are entirely in control and can hit pause on the audio at any time. It’s not creepy, we promise!

Who will be guiding us?

That would be me, Tara. After working with couples for over five years using many of these same practices, you’re in safe hands.

How do I bring this up with my partner?

You’re clearly here because you care about your relationship and you want to keep it awesome. So share that desire with your partner from your heart. Remember this isn’t about correcting what is wrong, but enhancing what is working!

How long does each date take?

The actual date will take between 1- 2 hours, although why not block out the whole evening to stay and play in your love bubble!

Ready for the ultimate date night experience?

Choose your date night.


We crave it, yearn for it and need it. Connection is the glue that holds relationships together and it’s the secret sauce to epic sex! During this date you will explore and experience just how powerful radical intimacy truly is, through heart opening practices and authentic sharing.

What to expect:

A total heart-gasm as you let your mask, resistance, fear and armour melt away as you allow yourself to be 100% present with one another during a night of tantric ritual, deep sharing, breast massage and sensual touch.


A deliciously playful date night of erotic investigation! Through practices that include touch, movement, sound and taste you will explore how to ignite your partner’s (and your own!) desire using the principles of erotic passion. You will also discover the difference between responsive and spontaneous desire plus learn the keys to keeping desire alive in long term relationships!  

What to expect:

A playful inquest into the different pathways of pleasure and a lust-inducing, “take me now!” journey that highlights the importance of sexual energy and a slooooow build.


Two date nights in one! In this extra special date night package, you will discover the secrets to the mind-blowing tantric lingham (penis) massage AND the profoundly healing sacred Yoni (vagina) massage. Two separate date nights for two separate dates. Win! Give yourself the permission to simply receive as your partner spoils you entirely and completely!

What to expect:

The yoni massage is by far one of the MOST healing and transforming experiences a woman can have! Get ready to release stuck and stored emotions, sexual blocks, and stagnant energy so you can experience greater sexual empowerment. Oh and chaps, the lingham massage will not only blow your mind, every time, but it’ll allow you to practice the key secrets to greater orgasmic pleasure: breath, sound, awareness and movement.

About Tara O

A sexual wellbeing expert and bedroom coach, Tara is obsessed with helping women and couples all over the world experience radical intimacy and epic sex. An author, tantra teacher and trained jade egg practitioner, Tara has spent the last eight years traveling the world learning from the most prominent and influential sex educators, Tantric masters and relationship experts. As a teacher, she combines the ‘sacred’ and ‘scientific’ to create a ‘East meets West’ flavour of holistic sexual education for the modern couple that is relevant, easy to integrate and most of all transformative.

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